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History of the Fundy Food Festival

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Fundy Food Festival 2006

When, Why, Who, and Where did it start?

It all started five years ago in 2001 when a man from Saint John named Ross Mavis and his wife, Willa, attended a similar food festival in Grant, Florida. The annual event attracted about 100,000 people to the tiny seaside town. They were both really amazed and they thought Saint John should offer its own food festival.

From 2002 to 2003 the Fundy Food Festival was held at the Saint John Arts Centre. Once people started hearing more about the festival and crowds started to increase they decided they needed a bigger location. Another reason was that in 2003 some minor fire caused the alarm to go off. This meant that the fire department arrived and the event had to be evacuated. They needed some place more suitable for the amount of power and equipment to insure the safety of the guests and vendors. They chose Harbour Station for the 2004 Festival and managed to bring in more that 3000 people. In 2005 they changed the location once again to the Market Square Mall. Changing the event location every once in awhile keeps the Festival new and exciting in a different atmosphere.

Many local celebrities come out and take part in the festival, too. In past years the Chief of Police, Butch Cogswell made an appearance, as did the Mayor of Grand Bay, Grace Lasier, as well as many local restraunts with some unique recipes. The Fund Food Festival is a really good way for companies to market their products and for customers to sample something different. 

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Fundy Food Festival- 2006- Enjoy great cultural food diversity… experience different flavors and taste!!!